Dental Sealants: Protect Your Child’s (and Your Own) Teeth
Pits and Fissures Render Some Teeth Cavity-Prone

Did you know that the shape of a tooth can make it more susceptible to decay?

Dental Sealants

That’s right – teeth (particularly molars) that contain deep grooves referred to as “pits and fissures” easily trap food particles and bacteria that are much harder to clean out with a toothbrush. In fact, some areas are so tiny and deep that toothbrush bristles can be too large to even make their way inside them, putting the tooth at a high risk for decay.

Dental Sealants to the Rescue!

Fortunately, cavity-prone pits and fissures can be sealed off with a safe plastic coating as a simple and effective form of prevention. And while dental sealants may be a more common procedure for child patients, adults with susceptible teeth can benefit just as much from the treatment. A patient of any age can still experience tooth decay – especially if they have teeth that are particularly hard to clean at home.

During a typical sealant treatment, the dentist or hygienist will simply clean and dry the surface of the tooth, and will then apply a special gel to ensure a strong bond. After the gel is removed, he or she will apply a liquid material (the sealant) to the vulnerable grooves of the tooth. Finally, the liquid will be hardened with a special light… and voila: the tooth now has its own protective coating that is completely resistant to decay!

Prevention Goes Beyond the Sealants

A proper daily oral care routine is necessary to keep teeth and gums healthy for life. While sealants may play a part in protecting cavity-susceptible teeth – you hold the power to maintain a clean and healthy mouth by brushing and flossing every day, and eating a healthy, balanced diet void of excess sugars and carbohydrates.

Looking to Seal the Deal?

If you’re wondering whether dental sealants are right for you or your child, our Guelph dentist Dr. Dana Coman would be happy to tell you about any teeth that may be at risk. Book an appointment at our family dental clinic today!

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